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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rohini "the red one", a name of Aldebaran. Ardra "the storm god". Punarvasu dual "the two restorers of goods", also known as yamakau "the two chariots". Castor and Pollux. Jyeshtha " the eldest, most excellent ".

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Shatabhisha " requiring a hundred physicians ". Purva Bhadrapada "the first of the blessed feet". Revati "prosperous". Abhijit "victorious" [2]. Karthigai is considered the nakshatra where power is born. This is the birth star of Chandra. The passivity of this nakshatra represents their ability to nurture power. Karthigai Nakshatra burns up negativity, purifies what is mixed, and cooks or prepares that which is not yet ripe.

This nakshatra rules war, battles, and disputes. Planets in Krittika activate its passive energy. Krittika denotes capability to give the desired change in a form by burning out all the impurities of life or the wrongs and give birth to purity, morality, and virtues. People with this nakshatra have a cutting wit and can be sarcastic and critical.

They are stubborn, aggressive and can be very angry. Those born under Krittika nakshatra have strained relations with relatives and friends. However, these persons are gluttons, fond of spicy foods, well-versed academically, fond of opposite sex, bright in appearance, misers, worried nature and of widespread fame.


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Those born on a Karthigai day are fiery and full of creative energy. They like to take on big projects and are highly ambitious and self-motivated. Vast learning, logical, doubting mind, creative ability, unsteady fortune, hot bod, enthusiastic, engineering brain and brave are their typical characteristics.

Rohini is ruled by Prajapati, the Creator. This is the fourth nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Moon. Eyes of the people born in this Nakshatra are especially attractive. A person born in this Nakshatra is efficient in religious activities, earns his livelihood through agricultural occupation, is endowed with beauty, is a master conversationalist, a genius and efficient in arts. They can be extremely critical of others, looking down at their seeming low class.

Females born in this nakshatra tend to display whatever riches they have. They are also short tempered and invite troubles. They possess the inherent aptitude for any work entrusted to them. Males born in this nakshatra have very attractive eyes with a special magnetic touch.

He can attain great success in his life provided a little restraint is kept in the freedom of his mind. Those born under this nakshatra are well learned, influential, travel minded, artistic, business-like, spiritual and of changing affections.

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Mrigashirsha is ruled by Soma, the God of the Moon or the immortal nectar. This is the fifth nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from Vrishabha to Mithuna. It conveys the ideas of searching for beautiful faces, visit or request a girl in marriage. People born in this nakshatra have a strong body and moderate complexion. They are sincere in their behavior towards others and expect that others should also behave in the same way.

They have a good grasping power, can quickly learn new things and have a creative nature. A person born in this Nakshatra is a sharp shooter, loved by the king and follows the virtuous path. They always have financial and personal difficulties. Females born in this nakshatra like to keep themselves busy in some way after the marriage.

Vast learning, likes research, high position, noble views of life, mystical are some of the traits exhibited by those born under Mrigashirsa nakshatra.

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Thiruvaathiraiis ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents Thunder. This is the sixth nakshatra of the zodiac, having a spread Mithuna or Gemini and is ruled by the node Rahu. The Lord of Thiruvaathirai is Budha. The symbol of Ardra is is a tear-drop.

Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice, afflicted by sickness, fear and anger. They are bereft of money and coins. Ardra born people can behave very cool during the times of extreme hardship and plan their actions accordingly and they get employed in professions that are related to travel and foreign places.

One born under this nakshatra is thrifty, insincere, ungrateful and sinful and at times they will spend foolishly. They are flexible and open to change, and often make attempts to change their negative traits. Those born under this nakshatra will suffer from heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.

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They are religiousness, of responsible positions, artistic, brave, prone to litigations, have laziness, is a leader and passionate. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess.

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This is the seventh nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning in Mithuna Taurus to Karaka Cancer. Punarvasu Nakshatra brings about the return of energy and vitality. It causes our creative growths and inspirations to be renewed. A person born in this Nakshatra has numerous friends, is a practitioner of sacred texts and scriptures, possesses gems, jewels, and ornaments etc. These people have a good height and an oval face. They tend to be obese in their later age. Females born in this nakshatra are calm but tend to get into arguments to exhibit their intelligence.

This may give rise to disputes with other family members.

Twenty seven Constellations (Star) Meaning and their General Characteristics in Vedic Astrology.

She will be leading a comfortable life. She cannot enjoy good health. Males born in this nakshatra can shine and get success in almost all the subjects except in partnership businesses or deals.

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He does not like to cause trouble to others, on the other hand, he tries to help the needy. Those born in this nakshatra are good natured, have trials in life, are cultured, helping nature, vanity minded, failure and success come often. Poosam or Pushya is derived from Pushti which means nourishment. Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati, the God of Divine wisdom. This is the eighth nakshatra in the zodiac, spanning in Karaka.

The word Pushya means to strengthen, to fortify. Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices is emphasized. The person born under this Nakshatra has a healthy body, obeys his parents, religious, humble, fortunate and possesses wealth and vehicles etc.