Capricorn astrological hell

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

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This planet got its name by the Roman god with a complicated role and many associations. He was considered the god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation.

Capricorn Personality Traits

Later on, he was assigned his important role as the god of time. The most important thing to notice here is the shape of the symbol that actually relates to the inverted symbol of Jupiter, speaking of the archetypal battle of a son with his father.

This is the symbol of unavoidable circumstances, those we see ass karma in our failed attempt to explain how we deserved what we got. If we consider the role of Saturn as the god of time, we can see that the symbol shows the passing of time through the cross of matter, representing our aging body that starts holding us back from the needs of our Soul, as time goes by. Capricorn sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

Are Some Zodiac Signs Just Evil?

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Everything You Need To Know About The Capricorn In Your Life | Thought Catalog

There is excitement afoot when Uranus makes its permanent shift into your 5th house of pleasures on Mar 6 after briefly revisiting your 4th house of home. As a Capricorn, you will prefer that Uranus has moved out of your home sector as you are not a sign that likes disruption and change at the very root of your being. The goat likes firm foundations and that is something that you have found very hard to build while Uranus has been roller-blading through your domestic sector.

This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn.

No more paradigm-shifting Uranus square Pluto and most importantly no more domestic upsets. However, in your Capricorn Horoscope 2o19, we cannot ignore the Pluto. The dark lord is still making his verrry long journey through your sign.

What the hell, I don't want to be a Capricorn

Pluto has been giving you an ongoing soul colonic since and will finally leave you in Obviously, fifteen years is a long time, but the most intense part really was from to with Uranus squaring Pluto. You are well over the mountain peak from that so can breathe a sigh of relief as you wind your way back down to sea level. Venus conjunct Pluto on Feb 22 brings passion, intensity and a tad of obsession into your love life, either from you or from your partner.

Saturn in your sign really is a blessing even if there are some melancholic moments. So when the black bile rises remember Jupiter will be joining the happy Capricorn party in This year though definitely feels like a transition towards much better and settled times for you.

Battling the Three-Headed Dog

Mars square Pluto on Feb 1 and again on Nov 5 will give you a reminder of how far you have empowered yourself compared to 6 years ago. The square could make you act quite ruthlessly too which may shock though around you if you are one of the milder goats.

The eclipses this year give your Capricorn Horoscope nice reboot too. Just what you need to flush out the last remnants of the square from Uranus.