O panneerselvam horoscope

Somehow, time and fortune will throw the spotlight on him, and Shahrukh will proudly acquire some costly and rare acquisitions this year.

There could be controversies and issues with superiors at the end of the year. SRK should try to maintain harmony at work and around friends and family.

A prolonged illness is speculated, so a health checkup is mandatory for Shahrukh this year. There would be anxiety because of doing important activities vigorously. In the process of keeping all the promises, health may get affected. Enemies will try to tarnish his image. SRK could indulge in the sudden loss as well. However, royal favours or gains from higher authorities will be there. New projects should be given utmost attention. Communications should be accurate otherwise there would be some misunderstandings with close people.

SRK will indulge in leisure and an extravagant style of living. But one thing is sure, that he will gain high profits this year.

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There will be an increase in income from his ventures which is marked with the rise in status. Dealings and businesses will work out smoothly and effortlessly that income will come from more than one source. Children will bring happiness to Shahrukh. Family life would be prosperous and healthy.

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Don’t arrest son,brother of O Panneerselvam till Apr 17, Madras HC

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