February 17 solstice astrology

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Your Weekly Horoscope For February 17-23, 2019 - All 12 Zodiac Signs

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Show comments. Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? I'm a print subscriber, link to my account Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? Your ruling planet Venus in harmonizing with Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Scorpio brings some of the negatives to the light when it comes to your love life.

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Your desire for love may have brought you pain this year. You may have placed your trust in the wrong people. However, you can learn from this experience and give birth to new dreams of romance, but these have to be rooted in healthy choices.

Your ruling planet communicates with the Sun today and it opens the door adventure and learning with spiritual emphasis. This is a good time to learn about love from a guru, self-help books, and making it an active study so you can look for the good stuff with a sharper eye.

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Gemini, you can sometimes say the wrong thing to the right person and learn valuable lessons. Your ruling planet, Mercury is joined with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This expands your awareness and makes you long for more honest disclosure which can be painful at times to both the speaker and the listener. You may find this time period to require that you learn how to manage your role with others, and practice thinking before sharing or else no one is fully satisfied with the verbal exchange.

Cancer, your ruling planet, the Moon is Full today, so this is a signal to let go of emotions that involve pain in the home and what has inhibited you from feeling secure in your life. The Moon is in a push-pull action with Jupiter in Sagittarius functioning like a magnifying glass to show you what these things are. The Moon in Gemini has a conversation with Neptune in Pisces and this means you have to take a risk in order to change your life. You may need to add more to your life, perhaps new friends or to let yourself become more open and social so that new energy and opportunities come your way.

Leo, your ruling planet the Sun is in communication with Saturn. This brings a karmic message to you that involves your career, feelings about efforts you may have made to people please that have been painful and unrewarding. Now, you might determine that your family or friends or people who you trust are where you want to build your love nest and spend more time. Today, boundaries will become even more important for you. This will become a growing theme in many ways throughout Virgo, when your ruling planet connects this tightly with the planet Jupiter in Sagittarius it makes you really concerned with how things are communicated with others, the way you feel and how your home life presents itself to the world.


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You can find you are less concerned about making everyone happy, you might come to the conclusion that your happiness must align with your values or nothing works long term. What is sustainable for you and what isn't will come to light today and through the week. You can have an eye-opening even take place that gives you the final determination to remove or withhold your affection or attention to a person or thing in your life that doesn't deserve it. Libra, your ruling planet, Venus opens your heart and mind to the tangibles of life today.

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This can be the magical way a love letter makes you feel or how a small gesture like receiving flowers adds value to your life, and even brightens a room. You may determine that these things are too valuable not to have in your life and do them for yourself! You could think about false promises made by someone you cared about, or how some things that you needed and want did come through.

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There will be some measuring of your value systems in the area of your love life, and it can make you redefine your generosity towards others when it comes to opening up yourself. Scorpio, your ancient ruling planet, Mars, is in Pisces and it is harmonizing with your modern ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. This is like pulling the string on a lawn mower to rev up your emotions and prepare you to take some action.

You may find that it's time to get along better with an important person in your life where property is shared and you need to depend on one another.

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This may also be a time when you are conscientious of how certain conversations should come with trigger warnings and you learn what those are and adapt for the sake of peace. You may find that today, you are more concerned about the bottom line in all areas of your life, and this is where you can continue to put your attention for the next month. Sagittarius, travel and talk about upcoming travel plans may be on the table. You may have some new project or plans that bring you into new partnerships where you could meet a potential lover.

Your thoughts and ideas about love and relationships take the lead but with guidance from key figures such as a male role model or family member, like a father figure. You may be looking for someone to be a strong partner who can provide a form of protection or give you the respect you crave at this time. Capricorn, your ruling planet works harmoniously with Venus and this opens the door to new friendships, warm relationships and connections that you have a need for in your life.

Conversations can touch your heart and give you the feels.

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  5. You may have a few meetings of heart and mind with a dear friend or lover that has been long past due. Your past is in some way going to reflect into the present and this can provide a healing release that you needed. Aquarius, the Sun opens the door to your 12th house and it is harmonizing with Uranus the planet of surprise change.