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You were frustrated to see that no matter how hard you worked, your income stubbornly stayed at about the same level.

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In you were in your Emerald Year, where lots of lucky breaks were happening for you in all areas of life. Still, you kept mumbling to yourself, where is the money? Now, the universe will make a correction and see to it that a proper level of compensation will flow to you. In fact, this month you may see a bucketful of money.

This entire month will be about financial reward, and in your report here I will talk about it so much that you might suppose I am slightly obsessed. No, dear Sagittarius, I will be only translating the sunny aspects I see for you. I know you are not an overly materialistic soul, but everyone needs money to live to enjoy a certain level of comfort.

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It was wise that you continued to work hard over the past two years, despite the lower-than-expected financial return, for the seedlings you planted during that two-year period will now start to come up in your garden. Two years ago, on December 19, , taskmaster Saturn first entered your second house of earned income and tightened your finances.

Everyone you met seemed to be stingy or tight fisted when it came to compensation for you. Saturn was teaching you the value of money and asked you to manage with less. Two years of Saturn can seem like a very long time. Or you may have had good money coming in, but had pledged to help a family member financially, and it was leaving you feeling that life offered few areas of ease.

All that will change now. You are now in your final stretch, as Saturn will leave this financial area of your chart next year, on December 16, However, you will get a respite from Saturn from March 20 to July 1, , when Saturn moves into Aquarius to give us all a preview of what is to come in to March This month, December, marks a big turning point for you. The difference now is that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will enter your second house of earned income on December 2 for the first time in a decade and remain there until December 19, The third and final year of a Saturn visit is always easier than the others.

You are wiser now, able to spot bargains, and can negotiate more skillfully for yourself. You learned to cut wasteful spending and to find ways to lower your debt and improve your credit rating.

If you feel you could still learn more, you will have Saturn at your side for eight months of , so you can brush up on any financial areas you still want to master. You will carry the wisdom that Saturn has taught you during the coming nearly three decades. Everyone will enjoy this change because it means each person, no matter what his or her sign, will start to reap benefits and lucky breaks in a new area of life. When I write your report each month, I always look to the conversations that Jupiter, your ruler, is having with other planets to judge how your month will go for you.

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The job of a ruling planet is to take good care of you, and each ruling planet does their job well. You could not ask for more sparkling planetary support than you have in December.

A Note from Susan Miller

I am happy to tell you this because I know you have suffered financially. I feel your income will rise, for Jupiter is the planet that expands all it touches. Jupiter will work to bring growth and expansion to your salary and fees, and it will be up to you to ask for more in your paycheck. Jupiter will not only give you financial reward, but the confidence to speak up.

I will repeat this wonderful news again: Jupiter will remain with you for a year, from December 2, , until December 19, You may be wondering when you will see this change in income.

I feel you will see evidence of this trend beginning in December or January, and then you will be on your way! In the United States and South America, the solar eclipse will occur on Christmas Day, and one day later, December 26, in countries in the rest of the world. A new moon always opens a new chapter, but a new moon eclipse is much more powerful.

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Eclipses are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to create change. I was astounded to see this conjunction. This eclipse will be greeted by Saturn and Pluto, already settled in your second house, and that adds up to quite a powerful entourage. The universe is making a big, positive, and encouraging shift this month, and you will see a change in emphasis.

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Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn—a sign more supportive of yours. Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December 2, , and remain in that sign 12 months, until December 19, Once in Capricorn, Jupiter will begin to spread his warmth and good luck to you through your third house of communication. In the coming year, expressing your thoughts and ideas will become a huge focus for you, and it will not be long until you see proof of this. In fact, you will start to see this in action at the coming solar eclipse, December 25 in the western hemisphere or December 26 throughout the rest of the world.

A normal new moon usually offers a powerful opportunity, and a new moon solar eclipse is like three new moons in one. Indeed, a solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids. The universe is impatient to see progress and productivity, so several times a year, it will send an eclipse to push things forward with energy. Not all eclipses are friendly, but this one is as sweet as sugar. In fact, the goodies that this eclipse brings you could be life changing. If you hope to host a TV show, then you need to see influential people—or find an agent who will represent you—and go after that goal with a sense of purpose.

If you are a producer or editor, you will be given an opportunity to share ideas with the creator to shape the show or manuscript you are working on. If you are ready to build an app, you will be motivated to sign the work order, oversee the wireframes, send the check, and begin.

Mars, the planet that brings energy and drive, will orbit in Scorpio throughout December, which is a very compatible place for Mars to be for you.

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I will come back to the topic of Mars in Scorpio later, but my point in bringing up Mars now is that Mars will move through Sagittarius, your tenth house of fame, honors, and achievement, from January 3 to February 16, and that is when you will get a second chance to advance your career. Mars comes by a sign every two years, so be ready in January when Mars returns to the most precious professional spot for you—Sagittarius.

see url You can put your name in lights at that time. Meanwhile, on December 2, Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will make his monumental move into Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. The harder you worked last year, the greater your harvest will be in Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. We expect to begin shipping right after Thanksgiving. You WILL be notified by email when your order is shipped along with tracking information.

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