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Ultimately, freedom is of the utmost importance for Aquarians, who view challenges to their independence as power-hungry attempts to control them. To win an Aquarian's trust, don't try to reign in their quirks or keep them from flying their freak flag high — Aquarius thrives on shock value. Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Leah Prinzivalli. By Aliza Kelly Faragher. Read More. With love, of course, it can work, but acceptance and understanding are especially vital.

While you are able to take a step back from many emotional issues in your partnership, if only to gain perspective and understanding, your partner has the hardest time doing just that. This can be complementary at times, but can also be intensely frustrating. You value objectivity and pride yourself on your ability to reason things through.

This relationship can be rather tempestuous at times, but exciting nevertheless. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius: Both of you value freedom, growth, and independence in love relationships. Each of you appreciates the need for individuality, and neither of you believes that a partnership should act to stifle this basic need. When your partner gets excited about something, forging ahead with gusto, your collected demeanor may feel a bit like rain on his or her parade. If your partner remembers and accepts that he or she tends to be more expressive than you, and that his or her reactions to most things are immediate and emotionally-charged, things will run more smoothly between the two of you.

You are more apt to analyze a situation before letting yourself feel the energy of the moment. If you can get beyond this minor incompatibility, and treat it as an opportunity to grow, your partnership has much potential to work well. Both of you are moving forward, disinclined to stifle one another or fall into the ruts that many couples do, and this basic compatibility will most likely lay the ground for a solid yet exciting relationship foundation. In astrology, next-door-neighbor signs generally have a difficult time finding common ground.

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However, there can be quite a bit of intrigue between the two of you. Each of you has a certain aloof quality about you when it comes to romance and love. You are genuinely somewhat detached when it comes to relationships, and commitment is not your primary goal. You enjoy making friends and sharing social activities with your mate, while your partner is usually content to spend more private time with you than spreading themselves around in a social sense. Your partner tends to be more possessive of his or her partner as well.

Certainly, you will give your partner plenty of space to be him- or herself, and that is a true gift. However, your partner might be looking for something more substantial. You have a gift of being able to step back from a problem in order to find ways to solve it.

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With love and understanding, this partnership can work. It simply might require more adjustments than either of you may desire. Both of you value a partnership in which there is mental and social interaction. You are not impressed with relationships that are overly traditional or restrictive.

Love Sign Compatibility: Comparing Venus Signs in Astrology

As such, you are likely to give each other quite a bit of freedom. Whenever two people with the same Venus signs come together, the strengths lie in seeing eye to eye, and weaknesses stem from a lack of balance. In the case of Aquarius, intimacy may be wanting, as both of you are naturally inclined to live partnerships in the world of intellect.

In the absence of a partner who works on creating emotional bonding and intimacy, you two may re-define partnership altogether. This could suit both of you just fine.

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Your union could be markedly free and different, perhaps considered unusual by some from the outside looking in. As both of you can be rather stubborn in love, there can be an imbalance. Even though you are both inclined to give the other freedom of movement and expression, neither of you is especially adaptable in terms of habits and mindsets. Although you are creative individuals, your interactions may eventually lack spunk or seem a little dry. As long as you both work on the intimate side of partnership, you will find that your relationship is progressive and exciting—and decidedly unique!

You might find that you both share a universal love of mankind, and that you are both very idealistic people. At times, however, your partner might try to back off from the microscope, as he or she is certainly more sensitive and moody than you are when it comes to relationships. He or she will gladly go along with your wonderful visions and ideals, but your partner looks for a connection that runs very deep.

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Although he or she will happily engage in conversation, and thoroughly enjoys your enthusiasm and your visions, your partner values tender intimacy more than intellectual debate. You might find your partner a tad too sensitive. If you are receptive, your partner is more likely than most to be able to infuse your creative, inventive mind with just enough emotion, inspiration, and imagination to really take you places.

You can help your partner tap into his or her own creative wells and do something real with what is pulled out. The two of you can make a very productive pair as long as you can effectively combine the worlds of thought and feelings. Neither of you wants to waste time arguing about petty things, and both of you want to see the best in each other.

These attitudes will help smooth your relationship. We offer sign-to-sign compatibility interpretations assuming readers know that the comparisons attempt to show both the negative and positive sides of only one point of comparison. In reality, there are countless points of comparison that need to be assessed before making any judgments if indeed a judgment is necessary!

All combinations can work with love and understanding! They can go all night, talking and making love. Libra men love to please so he will be willing to try whatever his Aquarius lover wants to try.

The intense and mysterious Scorpio man can be too much for the easy going and fun Aquarius Woman. Although she will be intrigued at first and want to dive in, she will need more freedom than he is willing to give. Likewise, the Scorpio will think that his Aquarius lady does not take things and life seriously enough. She may want to run away from him and breakup. Both are social, adventurous and creative. They will play and have fun in and outside of the bedroom. They will rarely even argue or disagree but when they do it is hard for either to back down for they are both so stubborn!

Aquarius in Love: A Wild and Unconventional Ride

But hopefully they can talk things out and stay together for they are extremely compatible. Capricorn is quiet yet driven and ambitious. He is more traditional than his Aquarius mate and she may grow bored with this especially in the bedroom. Although neither does she! This is one love partnership that will take a lot of work if it is to make it long term.

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Aquarius Woman Compatibility With Aquarius Man:- The only issue between the Aquarius woman and Aquarius man duo is stopping the party for the real world responsibilities. Neither likes to take care of the day-to-day details of life. Maybe if they split thing in half and get it done it will be fair and they can go back to having fun!


But otherwise this will be a long lasting connection for they know each other well. She is also more outgoing and social so she will be more likely to approach him initially. She will appear more distant to his sensitive nature so she will have to try to connect with him more.

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But he will also have to let loose a bit to keep her interested.