Libra libra man compatibility

Libra women and men are true social butterflies, always happy to be surrounded by people of all types.

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They carry a natural charm with them wherever they go, and are never short on company or even inquiring suitors. Socially, they refuse to put unnecessary expectations on friends to be like them, particularly in reference to morals. They love the appeal of being unique and not conforming to everyone else, and therein lies a potential issue in a double Libra relationship. If you have a partner devoted to mirroring your every move, you may get frustrated at your inability to stand out.

Intimate relationships are exceptionally sweet between Libras. It should come as no surprise that the scales are very romantic individuals, and this bliss only grows with a partner who will respond to their romantic gestures by showering them in the same. Libra men and women generally have zero interest in futureless relationships, and will gladly forego hook-ups in favor of waiting for their one true love. The bad news is that it is easy for a Libra to fall head over heels for someone even when personally incompatible, especially as need grows.

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The good news is this is rarely a problem between two Libras, and their natural diplomacy skills offer some hope at working out their differences. Libra men and Libra women can be clingy, and this can and will cause issues if both partners do not share the same level of desire to be with each other.

In order for needs for space to be respected, they must be communicated which means overcoming a desire to avoid confrontation. Overall, the relationship is beautiful and truly promising, but it is communication or the lack thereof that will make or break it. It goes without saying that Libras excel in the workplace together. They are frequently favored by their co-workers and are fair and understanding bosses.

An interaction between two Libras will almost never cause an issue; they will frequently mesh together and cooperatively complete tasks with ease. Leadership can be difficult due to the inward fear of making decisions, but when push comes to shove Libras are amazingly effective when in charge. Unlike in relationships, a Libra has no qualms about speaking up about injustice when he or she sees it.

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So, while they tend to avoid causing drama, they are not opposed to a little purposeful activism. When Libra men and Libra women get together, it can feel like the most wonderful relationship in existence. Both the shared appreciation for romance and the mirrored enjoyment of being together nearly always, make it hard to spot areas where this dream can come to an abrupt end.

In all fairness, the benefits of a mirror match between Libras far outweigh any potential cons. Communication will invariably be the deciding factor between happily ever after and a short ride to heartbreak.

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Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about compatibility between Libra men and Libra women. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes.

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Their incredible sense of diplomacy, kindness and shared respect for one another. Their commitment is likely to be great and solid. Is he cheating on you? Enter a Live Psychic Chat Now to find out!

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When their relationship is going well, positive radiance can be seen coming from them. They possess a genuine passion for each other that strengthen their bond immensely. They both give a wonderful feeling of peace to each other as well as intellectual conversation and debate. They are able to work through any criticism together and even, perhaps put a delightful positive spin on the end result. But when Libra man is down, he is really down and needs alone time in trying to regroup and look toward and this can be a depressing time for the Libra woman also who is by now habitual ogf his sweet talks and lovely humor.


Love is music in its purest form, and the souls are the notes on the page and the melody in their heart. As both the Libra discover the reality of love, they rediscover their soul and oneness in such a form that their intimacy becomes miraculous and they unlock the doors of their hearts to be loyal and true towards each other forever after. They give an exciting glimpse to all the possibilities they share in their life and also have the power to discover a satisfying substitute for their once seen dream. As they both involve deeply in love, give some time to each other, keep patience and milk their relationship with lots of tender loving care; they watch it bloom into something wonderful before their eyes that stays for eternity and it is their oneness!

Their actions speak louder than words and represent their deepest longings. With their similarities so in tune with each other, their fondness of one another and upper levels of mental parallels, the sexual nature between the two Libras is unprecedented.

Libra - Libra Love Compatibility

Together, they possess this exquisite channel that feeds their imaginations as well as their playful nature in the bedroom. Their lovemaking never gets boring or stagnant as they are always changing their ways and creating new ideas. Libra woman lights up like a candle burning when Libra man touches her and melts down like a candle burning every time he takes her in his arms. If anything, it is go through a lack of involvement and slow down periods as Libra man immerses himself in his work or Libra woman gets pulled away by some outside source.

For the most part, however, they desire each other and if any aloofness is to be had, it is only temporary. With a little patience this can be easily overlooked. Libra man and woman should be careful in combining too many of their similar qualities. Too much of a good thing is not always best. With similar good qualities, come some similar bad qualities as well. Too much independence is not good for a close knit relationship. There is too much of a possibility of infidelity in that if the two Libras are apart too much, their need for affection and intellectual conversation may be found elsewhere.

A lot of arguments or debates, with both striving to win, no matter what sides they take can be mentally straining and can lead to problems. If one senses they are being treated unfairly by the other, a torrid emotional anger surfaces. The only way to heal such a wound is be more alone. I am dating a Libra man the first time I too am a Libra.

So far everything is wonderful the sex is magical, the conversation is wonderful. I have dated an Aquarius a Taurus a Virgo and a Gemini and have never felt sexually connected as I do too my male Libra. If this were to happen I can shut him out with a snap of my fingers and move on. I feel he would be the one hurting more. I hope this lasts. If we read all the comments above, we can make out libra women missing their libra men after a break up. Is there any libra man missing his libra woman?

But he finally left me and I need him so bad. But I have my pride so I let him go. No other person never made me feel that way. The Compassion of the Libra and the social status of being friendly draws most women to the Libra man his warm words soothe the mind and comfort the spirit my belief is that the Lord and Savior was a Libra conceived on December 25th born nine months later into a Libra this allows a spiritual connection with all zodiac signs that is hard to find with any other that is not a Libra the scales that balance emotion does not allow the liro to overthink relationships they are considered black and white compatible or not no in between this allows him to close the door if he feels that it is not moving in a righteous path.

My best friend and lover. He is my mr. Enjoy ur other half!!

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