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They need a lot of activity and intellectual stimulation to stay interested in a relationship. They often have a lot of short relationships due to boredom. It is usually rather difficult to get them to commit to a relationship, as they desire their freedom.

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Like with other things in their life, they are curious about so many things, including potential lovers. Simultaneously however, they may also be terrified of it - the emotional intimacy feeling foreign and making them feel vulnerable. However, they are charming and flirt well, and they tend to be loving and open people. Be aware of their tendency to stretch the truth in stories however, as this can get them into trouble. They will also push their partners to be the best that they can be, encouraging them to think outside the box and inspiring them to be more creative with their lives.

They are sometimes difficult to truly know, as they are multi-faceted. Their adaptability will sometimes mean that they themselves have a hard time pinning down who they really are. When it comes to friends and family, Gemini can make friends quite easily, but can also lose them quickly - which is unfortunate. They get into friendships quickly by asking lots of questions and seeming attentive, but once they become bored, they will head off as quickly as possible with little explanation. They like to spend time with family, but can sometimes strain relationships with their unorthodox careers and their need to be the center of attention at all family gatherings.

They do love their family, but can have problems with more serious siblings and parents who don't understand their creative and unusual natures. They can however be the glue that keeps a family together, and push their more reserved family members to push themselves in creative terms. In terms of their careers, those born under the zodiac sign Gemini love careers that revolve around people and communication.

They also love creative projects and work very well with a team.

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In teams they tend to be the glue that holds other people around them together, and they can really strengthen a group. They can be the ones to push the envelope and get others to step out of their comfort zones.

Interesting Facts About Gemini

This can be a problem if they are working with more stable signs that don't like to be adventurous. They can sometimes come across as pushy and interfering, or just downright weird with their more creative and controversial ideas. People who fall under the sign of Gemini tend to change their minds a lot and this means that they often jump from job to job, looking for stimulation and challenges.

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Gemini Zodiac Sign

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Close Cart. This quality has earned this mostly whimsical and fun sign a bit of a reputation for being scatterbrained, fickle, and sometimes erratic, often getting lost in overthinking the details rather than seeing the bigger picture. Saying that Gemini has been given the gift of gab would be a grave understatement for these delightful and whimsical chatterboxes. Mercury—who rules matters of communication—not only makes Twin-born folks the life of the party and fascinating friends, but also sharp educators, academics, intellectuals, writers, journalists, and publishers.

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And for all their loquacious tendencies, Geminis are still excellent listeners, for these signs love to learn whenever possible. Gemini is one of the most bright-eyed and alert signs of the zodiac, which often drives these personalities to blurt out their most eccentric visions at odd times. Those born under the Twins tend to view the world through psychedelic, rose-colored lenses much like their sibling air sign, Aquarius, and to a lesser extent Libra , making Gemini the fiercely curious and countercultural flower child and multidimensional oracle of the zodiac.

Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini-born people are prone to polarities in their personality and are constantly in a state of flux to balance their inner properties of light and dark. This can pose as a major obstacle for some Geminis usually the younger ones , who battle with stark mood swings and unpredictable personality shifts.

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These folks are the ones to have around when things get dicey and tangled—a Gemini will know the best way to unravel interpersonal knots with fairness and a degree vision. To others, this may seem cold or unemotional at times, but rest assured, these eternal children want nothing more than a real human connection to expand their own consciousness. Twins usually possess a lithe, somewhat slender silhouette, but can also appear powerfully muscular, statuesque, thick, or big-bodied.

These folks walk with a gait that makes them appear as if they are floating—or flying—on thin air. The Twins are ruled by the shoulders and tend to be either taller than average or a little shorter than most, with a stout trunk and marionette-like limbs. You can often tell who the Geminis are at a party by who the most animated talkers are, especially those who move their arms in long, sweeping motions to get their points across. However, if a Gemini goes to their darkest side they can become erratic, unstable, and volatile.

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At their worst, they can have garden variety sociopathic and bipolar-like traits, which can lead others to think they might be suffering from a mental illness. Geminis tend to intellectualize their emotions, but a dark Gemini has difficulty empathizing with other people or understanding the emotional consequences of their actions. They tend to act without regard for others and feel no guilt or remorse.


ASTROGRAPH - Gemini in Astrology

It's this lack of empathy that leads to all of Gemini's darkest traits. Though a dark Gemini lacks empathy they are capable of mimicking emotions and manipulating others by appearing friendly, charming, and caring. Dark Geminis are compulsive liars. They will stretch the truth, exaggerate, talk trash, and outright lie.

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Even if everyone knows what they are saying is a lie they'll disregard the truth if the lie makes them look better or gets them what they want. A dark Gemini will compliment you to your face and then turn around and whisper something foul behind your back. Rub them the wrong way and you can be sure they'll have something cheeky or negative to say about you. They may even lie and spread false rumors about you.

A Dark Gemini can turn on a dime and impulsively say or do anything they feel is expedient to the moment, even if it's cruel, reckless, improper or immoral.