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JACK of Diamonds: The nature, disposition, and qualities of this card take the prize for variety and peculiarity! The Jack of Diamonds is either wholly material, or highly spiritual, or a curious and incomprehensible mixture of the two. The Jack of Diamonds are very money conscious and will always find a way to get it.

They are mentally keen, sharp and clever and are always looking for and finding the thing that pays off. Jack of Diamonds must have a profession that is productive; they must also have an outlet for their wonderful gifts of originality and creativity. Fun loving and dynamic. Never a dull moment with Jacks of Diamonds! Close search. Home Readings expand.

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Their freedom Uranus means a lot to them - they often look upon it as sacred Neptune. Tag someone who could use this pick-me-up from the universe. Scorpio Moon makes us feel anxious to get the the bottom of a relationship or trust issue that could be there hiding behind the scenes. Watch out for taking too much to heart right now. It's better to view things with a grain of salt, if at all possible. Reading behind the lines may or may not work, it all depends on how balanced you are feeling are in the moment.

Your Daily Focus for August 26, 12222 through Tarot, Numerology and Astrology

Most lessons come with retrospect anyway. I've only got room to pack 12 orders at a time So I'll be here for a while - but thank you for making this the best birthday month ever! It's been our busiest month to date and I'm only about 20 orders deep into the packing list. Grateful for every single one of you!

Litha is the last witches wheel of the year box for Open up about your taboos and set them free. Find out what is karmically going on for you below the surface and tantra it out. Tag a friend that can use this message. Use the force of this societal difficulty to strengthen your Work will.

It's okay to sometimes be wrong, it's okay to do thing poorly, it's okay to get upset, and it's okay to make mistakes. It's in these key moments where we can see what's really motivating us to drive forward our behavior. It's better to treat your 'oopses' like a scientist would with impartial reflection and acceptance of the facts. Edison said he didn't consider his first 1, attempts at a light bulb to be a failure, but rather that they were ways in how NOT to create one.

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Try to enjoy the process of learning from your mistakes whether it be in the form of a work project, a personal or social relationship, or in personal reflection. Spend some time there but don't get trapped because your next attempt can be the one that turns the light on. Happy New Moon, lovers! Our Libra new moon occurs at am Pacific time this morning and you want to get yourself ready for some manifesting!

Libra is an air sign that celebrates balance, love, harmony, and peace.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October | tergbertbidsomi.cf

Libra is ruled by Venus making this new moon a wonderful time to get in alignment with your relationships. This new moon could be a time for setting the intention to take your relationship to the next level. Or maybe you draw closer to a friend who you never saw romantically before. This is also the time to work on forgiveness and peace with any enemies. Set the intention to have a better reaction to their pettiness, or limit your time with them as much as possible. I always think of Libra as the wise older sister of the zodiac.

The perfect person to ask for advice in relationships, and the one who will be subjective enough to help you see both sides. Draw upon her power this new moon by weighing the pros and cons, but also allowing your intuition to come through. If you get a little too caught in your head, ask for Aries energy to help you recognize your passion and confidence. As we begin winding down the new moons of , begin to manifest your relationship goals for next year. See a different angle of a situation.


Burst through your productivity limits with brilliant ideas that balance the old and the new. Rest, recover, and restate your intentions for what you wish to have happen in the next lunar cycle.

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It's important now to know that fated events are coming your way with these very important lunar degrees we are experiencing. I'm here to listen to you! Tag a friend that could use this message today. Remaining astrology charts and forecasts should be completed really soon!

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Once they're sold out, that's it! No restocks this year. DM to pre order. These are offered earlier so that people have time to sort out funds so that it's not as much financial strain come November. No nasties - nothing toxic - supporting other small businesses - with a twist this year you'll find out in your box. Thank you everyone who's made this month the best birthday month ever!!! The Sun in Libra is shining its light upon the wounds of Chiron in Aries, respectively.

sopederve.tk Feeling the need to rebalance is an order, but through an objective view. This can sound unnerving, but necessary in order to move past this ache you have been carrying for some time. Even though tears are viewed as weakness, it is not. Tears are essential to wash away the wounds in order to heal the soul. However, reflecting back and replaying your past decisions in a constant loop can delay your healing process. Pride can be your downfall.

Silence the inner critic, and see this as a learning experience. The course you have laid out will help you see things from a better perspective, and realize that the lessons learned is what will help you define your true self. Some Karma might be brought up or cleared. Try not to force your point of view in order to be heard. Those you love will come around and will be easier to adapt to your messages after this transit is over.

Tag a friend that could use this message!

Let the Sunshine In!

I wish I could say that to grow in mediumship you just need to practice, practice, practice. To grow in your mediumship, means you must grow in yourself. How you are in your everyday life is how you will be in your mediumship. Mediumship development has taught me these last two years that the growth is internal. You must begin working on yourself and healing the parts of yourself that block you or limit you from your true mediumistic abilities. Baby steps everyday to help you get closer to source.

Take what you need and leave the rest. What you have done will have to suffice for the time being. Tag someone you love below! We are more inclined to see the sunnier side of life. Life lessons sting a little less and we are able to see the bigger more philosophical nature of the way things are right now. Tag a friend that could benefit from reading this! My fellow libras I know I am looking forward to the next few weeks of love and light that can be bestowed upon us!