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I meant no snub to you Lianne. My dear BH finds me equally annoying!

It may be necessary to always keep half an eye on anything? Repairs, new directions…. Not wanting huge differences in balance for comfort? I have had the misfortune of working under a few Pisces bosses. They appear sympathetic and understanding on the outside, then destroy you will all kinds of underhanded underwater? But then, all signs have their lights and shadows, of course. Blessings to all for a happy and prosperous ! The big fish, little fish metaphor explains it.

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It represents the breaking of the waters both as an unstoppable destructive force and as the herald of new birth. Liz Greene has pointed out the link between the sign and the God Dionysus. King Pentheus of Thebes refuses to recognise Dionysus as a God and has him thrown into prison.

As a consequence Dionysus reeks a terrible revenge sending the women of Thebes into frenzied Maenads who tear Pentheus limb from limb. The story is capable of many interpretations.

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Pentheus knows Dionysus is a God but cannot bring himself to recognise him. The underlying message of the play is that pure intellect or pure emotionalism always leads to destruction. Dionysus is twice born first from his mother either the divine Persephone or the mortal Semele and then from the thigh of Zeus. His cult has many similarities to the Orphic mysteries and he is a saviour divinity whose cult prefigures some of the aspects of the Piscean religion of Christianity.

Fish appear in a number of new Testament stories and it was the symbol used by the members of the very early Church to identify themselves. In the hour and a half lecture he had lots of equations. Perhaps it is me being eaten up by a huge fish?!!!! But I liked his lecture it gave me lots to think about in oblique tangents and I laughed and was interested, sleeping afterwards my dreams were full of light and colour and lift.

Mr God this is Anna by Fynn fits here too. In my experience Neptune is certainly not the benign influence it is renowned to be!

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It is quite capable of insidiously eroding whatever it touches. This is a lot like real life. Leading to their next dark side. Pisces may not be physically capable of hurting you. The moment the person reacts, they flip it and play victim which makes no sense. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Pisces are very vengeful. Pisces will then react and plot on how to make you feel how you made them feel.

Following on what I said earlier about them giving themselves up in love.

Pisces are not this perfect partner to everyone. Their brain can go from wanting you today, to not feeling it the next and wanting to be alone and not in a relationship. The final dark side is how manipulative Pisces can be. They avoid the truth if it is something they feel they can not handle as it is too painful for them to confront head on.

They also need to not hurt others based on the pain they have received. Pick yourself up, move on.

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