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As a natural benefic, the bright Moon is a performer of good karmas that allows for the flowering of those areas it influences. Mars, as the 2nd and 7th lord, inclines the Libra native to be possessive of their partners, but not necessarily in a negative way, and the linkage of the 2nd and 7th houses is good for marriage. Mars gives passionate tastes and shows that wealth may come from partnerships or after marriage. In any case, Mars inclines the native towards productive partnerships, whether romantic or business in origin.

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Mercury is the priceless, exotic and rare items the Merchant has for sale. Mercury, as the 9th and 12th lord, indicates spiritual knowledge and practical faith that understands the benefits of surrender when necessary. Mercury also gives the talent for foreign commerce. Due to its 9th house lordship, Mercury is a temporal benefic and gives the wisdom and discrimination to know what to hold onto and what to let go of.

As a natural benefic, Mercury gives skills, and intelligence with which to make their fortunes. Jupiter, as the 3rd and 6th lord, ruling two upachayas and as a planet of wealth, may give an increase of wealth throughout life. Due to ruling the 3rd and 6th house, Jupiter is a temporal malefic and reveals a selfish desire towards those things it influences, but as a natural benefic, and a noble one at that, one will not pursue these unscrupulously.

Bhavartha Ratnakara states that for Libra lagna, Jupiter creates a raja yoga. Why is not said, but this small classic is full of unusual gems that work in actual practice so we should not judge Jupiter to harshly for the Libra native and even though it rules two evil houses it may give upliftment in life.

As a natural benefic, Jupiter ruling these two houses of strength and effort gives a peaceful and not forceful nature and its 6th house lordship gives forgiveness, not enmity. Jupiter, being a natural benefic, also gives fulfillment in the areas it influences, but largely through work and effort. Venus is the Man in the Bazaar. Venus, as the 1st and 8th lord, indicates that the native will undergo radical changes in life as they find themselves on a deeper level.

These will largely be due to desires awakened in the heart through Venus. Venus also gives an attachment and identification with others resources. As the lagna lord, Venus is a temporal benefic, which, through diplomacy and worldly wisdom, finds the native a place in life. The 8th house lordship, however, makes this somewhat unstable, but then Libra is a moveable rasi, and changes are indicated in life.

Being a natural benefic as well, Venus gives comfort and happiness with the areas it is influencing, but again the 8th house lordship gives this an element of the unexpected. Saturn is the Scale. Saturn, as the 4th and 5th lord, becomes a yogakaraka by ruling an angle as well as a trine and the best temporal benefic for the Libra native.

Saturn gives a very practical, intelligent mindset, patience, and a cold, analytical and discriminative mind when needed. Saturn gives the mental balance and poise to make correct decisions, but this is a skill that is learned throughout life; it can be said that Libra knows how to learn from their errors. Linking the 4th house of the inner mind and feelings with the 5th house of intelligence, Saturn becomes capable of creating a very balanced mentality, but only after one has conquered fear and insecurity.

Saturn as well gives the dignity appreciated by the common man, which makes them qualified for public office. Bending is for Mutable signs and Wise People. You get two Fixed sign people together, and you can pretty much count on arm wrestling until one walks away, usually in a huff. Even their breakup helped their careers, while it allowed each man to further define his own values. They can be magicians of a sort; their ability to astound comes down to honing unusual abilities no one has heard of, or thought to use in their very individualistic way.

Jung and Freud each had Aries North Node ; both were thought of as innovators, pioneers, and were described as unique, and even strange and odd. Each was ambitious and sought to break from the pack to create his own methodologies. Where Freud saw the emotional trauma of a neurosis, Jung saw spiritual potential. But it has to be said that Jung needed to understand and explain everything from the occult to the spiritual realms.

His mother claimed that spirits visited her each night, and she apparently often wandered about the house at night, scaring little Carl. This amount of energy points literally, with a Yod to the intensity of his childhood experiences as they affected him at the deepest level of his being, from the part of the chart that receives no light, the 4th house and the IC.

In any other situation, this person might have buried these memories; Jung instead chose to use them to inform first his approach to science, and later, his understanding of the world and its symbolic systems. He studied over natal charts and marriage charts, looking for instances of the above aspects. His choice is not about synchronicity, from my perspective; it reflects the nature of his natal chart, which, with Sun in the 7th, would be interested in subjects like marriage and with Uranus, would study it. But we must also look at his Venus to see what else he brought to the 7th house experience.

His own father was inadequate to his intellectual and spiritual needs, and was perceived by Jung as weak. Saturn opposite Uranus represents an ancient argument between father and son. Saturn Kronos urged on by his mother, Gaia, castrated and then deposed his father, Ouranos Uranus. Later, when Kronos had children, he swallowed them so they would not do to him what he had done to his father, but his son Zeus was hidden by Rhea, his mother, and forced his father to disgorge his siblings.

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This was the Greeks, explaining how fate works. The Yod is made up of three planets, two of which sextile each other while they are also each inconjunct the third planet, which forms the point of the Isosceles-triangle shaped aspect. If I saw these transits for anyone else, I would say this is the beginning of a love affair. Much depends on what sign is on the 8th house cusp, how the ruling planet is aspected, and how conscious the rest of the chart is.

From a purely astrological perspective, those are two angry oppositions; you do not want to see either of them in a personal relationship or partnership. Those two oppositions are like carrying fireworks around in your back pocket and as it turns out, Jung reportedly made one of his daughters deaf when he exploded a firework too close to her head, which just says to me that astrology is more than a metaphor.

Yet this did not happen, at least not the wound about father-figures being inherently untrustworthy and even rapacious. Jupiter represents many things, but one of them is the sense of trust we bring to any relationship. Jupiter represents our sense of benevolence it helps if it somehow aspects Venus and goodwill toward humanity.

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The person inhabiting your 7th house seems dangerous, and to some extent represents an existential threat. You can also see that the two men were fundamentally incompatible at the most basic levels, even though at first, hopes were high on both sides. Not unlike lovers, friends and partners can begin a relationship fantasizing about who the other person really is; it seems that Jung projected his need for an all-seeing, wise father onto Freud, while Freud projected his need for a young, vibrant heir onto Jung. When they find out the partner has flaws and is only human, there is heartbreak, denial, and abuse.

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Their Suns, while too widely separated to be in actual square, were nonetheless in squared signs. Neither Leo nor Taurus is likely to give ground when challenged by the other; as Fixed signs, each is usually very sure of his position and intends to fight his corner unless he has to back down.

Jung would have been an intense man, deeply dissatisfied with the world the way it was Pluto in the 4th can feel like a constant ache for more, an emptiness that can never be filled. Typically, the Moon has a difficult time acting, because her role is to reflect, so she waits for the Sun person to act. Uranus for both men falls in their 7th houses; Uranus in the natal 7th house does not do well in traditional relationships. He was incapable of being faithful to his wife, and even insisted that one of his patients, who became his lover, be considered part of the household. Age differences are unimportant, as are gender.

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That these two men were able to work together as long as they did is largely based, I suspect, on the fact that Jung was suppressing a lot of resistance, which began to bubble to the surface as Freud became increasingly intractable regarding the source of their dissension: defining libido. Yes it does. They are concerned with working within the rules and strictures of science.

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Jung, in contrast, was quite obviously an idealist. Nodal contacts through synastry do not always live up to their potential, particularly when someone resists the energy you bring them. Because of this, the relationship itself can get away from you and you find yourself doing things you never thought you would.

I would imagine that, even from a distance, before they met, their similar interests would have magnetized them to each other. Both people change, and the enforced growth can be extremely uncomfortable. Uranus is a shock to the system; nothing can be taken for granted, which is great when you have an intellectual basis for your relationship and are not threatened by each other. This does not describe either Jung or Freud, unfortunately for them. Also, of course, the relationship may be more important to one person than the other; or, the relationship might require more growth from one person than the other.

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Starting with the Ascendant, the Composite would be more of a challenge for Freud than for Jung, in that his Scorpio ASC is not a lot of fun from the Sagittarius relationship perspective. Sagittarius Ascendant demands freedom for each person, particularly with a Gemini Sun sitting near the Descendant. In a Composite, Sagittarius ASC requires a lot of travel, a lot of philosophizing, and is great for mental work, with a twist: as a Fire sign, it is not without its need for drama, attention, and flare-ups of anger.

Freud wanted to be agreed with, not challenged. Ideally, the two people will be able to have fun together. Sagittarius on the ASC means Jupiter rules the chart.

I think this would have suited Jung more than Freud; Jung became inspired, he opened up his world view, he learned a great deal, and broadened his otherwise narrow view of religion until he began to encompass spirituality. Jupiter in the 1st means that ideally the relationship would have focused on all the things Jung eventually explored, especially philosophy and spirituality.

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Jupiter in opposition to anything tends to augment the qualities of the other planet. The other tight conjunction to an angle is Neptune, which is one degree off of the IC. You have to be really sure of yourself, and your relationship, to find planets falling, in synastry, or through the Composite, on the IC and not think about being pulled down into the depths. So is this a fragile chart? That it falls in the Composite 6th is actually completely expected for a work-related relationship.

Brainstems rather than brawn are the message of a chart with Mercury-ruled Gemini on the Descendant and Mercury conjunct both the Sun and Descendant. Whatever emotional violence went on between them was lived out through their writings and their words. Freud would faint every time he had an encounter with Jung that upset him, so clearly no one was throwing punches.

These are your darker thoughts and feelings that you either have to consciously acknowledge to become free of them, or repress or suppress. The other potentially difficult point for this relationship is how the Composite Eros affects the individuals.