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Aug 23, Take hold of this day as if it's your own and use it to grow your dreams, Aries. You'll find a great deal of power and dynamism in the air urging you to take the adventurous route. There's no need to hold back. The door is open and waiting for you to take the leap of faith to the other side. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar has made her predictions.

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The whole planet is about to transform as we enter the New Age of Aquarius in time for Christmas The last time we saw patterns like this, it was the end of the Roman Empire. In astrology, if the time, place and date of birth is accurate, then you should have a hit rate of between 75 per cent and per cent for astrology prediction, with personal charts or world events.

People always want to know about love, sex, money and career. I predict that for a sign like Cancer, January will bring the most important choice about their love lives in years. Know anyone aged around 29 who is going through a break up? Sun sign astrology — which is the basis of basic horoscopes you read in magazines, say — is just like weather forecasting. All you Sagittarius and Gemini people out there reading this are had massive financial change cycles in July and I include our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in that!

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Different astrologers use different techniques. However, we all tend to end up making the same predictions as long as the birth time and date is accurate. There is a part of Quantum Mechanics called the Multiverse Theory or Many Worlds Theory which actually allows for a parallel universe where horoscope predictions come true. Standing before nearly 10, people, the legendary Bay Area music promoter had a few housekeeping items to address. Be careful as you're boogieing about. Watch what you eat, watch what you drink, have a good time. The statue of Momotaro, a hero of Japanese folklore, was gifted to San Jose by the city of Okayama in Upon a recent visit, the statue was cluttered with a few cobwebs, but it still retained an austere mythological status.

At any given time, SJOSC orchestrates a matrix of initiatives to enhance human connections between the two cities. Sexual disgust leads a person to feel creeped out about having sex with evolutionarily disadvantageous partners too old, too closely related or sporting a big pustule that screams STD.

Moral disgust leads us to be all "Oh, yuck! And finally, there's the pathogen disgust your girlfriend's expressing, which protects us from bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins by making us beat a retreat from sick people, dead bodies, spoiled food, and bodily fluids like mucus, spit and poo. Evolutionary psychologist Laith Al-Shawaf and his colleagues call women's greater disgust sensitivity "puzzling in light of their well-documented immunological superiority. We may not have to travel to other planets to find alien life.

Instead of launching expensive missions to other planets, we could look for exotic creatures here on earth.

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Astrobiologist Mary Beth Wilhelm is doing just that. Her search has taken her to Chile's Atacama Desert, whose terrain has resemblances to Mars. She's looking for organisms like those that might have once thrived on the Red Planet. In accordance with astrological omens, I invite you to use this idea as a metaphor for your own life.

Consider the possibility that you've been looking far and wide for an answer or resource that is actually close at hand.

These days drinking is about more than tying one on, cutting loose on the dance floor or whooping and hollering for the local team. Today's barkeeps use power tools to cut crystal clear cubes out of massive blocks of ice and source obscure liqueurs from Iceland in an effort to delight and surprise customers. In the craft beer world there is a veritable arms race going on, as brewers seek to resurrect long-lost strains of yeast and use computers to dial in their hoppy concoctions. One year ago this Saturday, we were dining on a tiny island near Grado, Italy, when we heard the news that Anthony Bourdain had passed away.

It happened all of a sudden. At the northern fringe of the Adriatic Sea, we had sailed up to a petite forested island in a small skipper boat just after lunchtime on June 8 to visit Fiuri de Tapo, an outdoor seafood restaurant. Nothing else was on the island except the restaurant and the proprietor's house, all reachable by sailing through a lagoon from the touristy hotspot of Grado, an island community two miles away.

Fiuri de Tapo translates to "Flowers of Cork," after a lavender flower that blooms all over these scattered islands. This view he has of you is likely to have some serious staying power. That's because our brain is big on automatic processes, forming and storing what I call "thinkpacks" so we don't have to put cognitive energy into things we've already figured out. For example, say you do something for the first time, like opening a weird latch on a cupboard.

Each time you do it again, the more automatic--that is, the more unthinking--it becomes. Believing works similarly. Once we form a belief, we tend to just go with it automatically. Questioning a belief, on the other hand, takes mental effort. That's an extreme statement that I can't agree with. But I understand what he's driving at. Repeating yourself can be debilitating, even deadening.

That includes trying to draw inspiration from the same old sources that have worked for you in the past. In accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you try to minimize exact repetition in the next two weeks, both in what you express and what you absorb. For further motivation, here's William S. Burroughs: "Truth may appear only once; it may not be repeatable.

The video went viral shortly after Pelosi said that Donald Trump's family should stage an intervention with the president "for the good of the country. It was also shared by Trump lawyer and apologist Rudy Guiliani with a caption since deleted that read: "omg, is she drunk or having a stroke? The deceptive clip was actually released by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The recent past of the San Jose Poetry Slam is one of endless struggles to find a long-term home.

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The slam spent a few years migrating from nightclub to nightclub, just trying to get one slot a month, usually on an off night, but couldn't secure a long-term commitment from any one particular venue. A few years ago, the slam found what looked like a perfect spot--Monday nights once a month in the Pilsner Room behind Gordon Biersch.

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Then GB closed down, leaving the slam without a venue. Cafe Stritch then filled in the gap, allowing the slam to unfold on Sundays once a month. Then due to unforeseen circumstances, Stritch closed on Sundays, leaving the slam homeless yet again. Accordingly, Biegler and Kennair found that moms and sisters wanted hunks for themselves but would steer their daughter or sibling to the stable guy with resources. Granted, this probably isn't a conscious move on their part--all "gotta make her believe the rich troll is her soulmate.

In the coming weeks it will make good sense for you to travel down winding paths replete with interesting twists and provocative turns.

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The zigzags you'll be inspired to pursue won't be inconvenient or inefficient, but rather will be instrumental in obtaining the healing you need. To honor and celebrate this oddly lucky phase, I'll quote parts of "Flying Crooked," a poem by Robert Graves. Even the acrobatic swift has not his flying-crooked gift.

For the past week, Silicon Valley has been hammered with unseasonably wet weather and chilly temperatures, even lightning. But the region's live music venues, theater troupes, museums and tireless creatives are putting off more than enough heat to remind us that we are approaching what promises to be an exciting--and entertaining--summer.

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Last Saturday, multiple generations of San Jose Earthquakes players, fans and alumni got to witness American soccer history as Danville native Chris Wondolowski shattered the league's all-time goal-scoring record on a rain-soaked day at Avaya Stadium. Former Quake Landon Donovan held the previous league record of , which had stood since Wondolowski, 36, started the match with career goals, only needing one more to match Donovan's effort, yet he scored four, lifting the Quakes to a victory over a dismal Chicago side.

Making matters worse, our fight-or-flight system reflexively reacts to verbal attacks in the same adrenalized way it does to physical attacks. So, angry directness from you is likely to provoke a rudester into amping up the ugly--turning around and deeming you rude, wrong, and "Wow Ultimately, using over-the-top humor, delivered flatly, allows you to restructure the power balance, shifting yourself out of the victim position.

You're clearly informing the person they've crossed a line, with minimal aggression on your part.

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