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I offer very practical guidance to help you navigate life transitions. I may even give you "homework" to help with a healing process.

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I help provide an astrological framework within which you can contextualize events happening in your life. I also combine psychic and mediumship gifts with astrology to offer guidance about major life issues, like breakups, financial shifts, career changes, new relationships, health questions, or trying to conceive a child. I don't predict the future: I help you pre-script your destiny. The astrologers will not be able to analyze Mr. This was Mr. As you know there are many different systems of vedic astrology available in India. You have traditional vedic astrology, which is followed by majority of the vedic astrologers in the West.

This system is more basic and simple.

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It needs you to memorize different yogas in the astrology chart. Then you have other more advanced systems such as Jaimini astrology, Nadi astrology, KP System Astrology, and many other systems.

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They are all called Vedic Astrology from India. This is very confusing for people in the west, because you see astrologers following Vedic Astrology but using different sub systems of Vedic Astrology in their analysis. During past 30 years Mr. The fact is that the knowledge obtained from the classic texts is incomplete and insufficient. The rules are complex, vague, and lack universal applicability.

A vast majority of the rules from Classic Texts are wrong and fail when put to application. After more than two decades of astrology research Mr.

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Singh found out that the KP System branch of Vedic Astrology, based on nakshatras and subs is more scientific, powerful, accurate and precise compared to all other available astrology systems. Singh was able to get the correct answers he wanted when he applied the KP System branch of Vedic Astrology to his own complex astrology chart. It took him about 4 years to master the teachings of Mr. Krishna Murthi Padhdhati.

Singh surprised many by astoundingly accurate prognostications.

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Advanced Vedic Astrology KP System supplies the missing links in astrological knowledge and points out that the effects of the planets do not merely depend upon their lordship, occupation, aspects or association Yogas , but much more on their situation in the various nakshatras and sub divisions called subs in the Zodiac. The neglect of the nakshatra zones and their sub zones is the primary cause for utter failures in predictions based merely on planet occupation, ownership, aspects, and association yogas.

Singh did his own research in vedic astrology and kp astrology. In his astrology reading sessions Mr. Singh can also tell from the Vedic Astrology chart if a person is a spiritual man, a business man, a celebrity, a criminal or a thief. Yucaipa , California. Encyclopedia of Religious.. Development, edited by Elizabeth M. Dowling, W. George Scarlett. Lassen County Times from Susanville, California. Lakeland Ledger. Cosmic Trends Astrology By Philip Brown. By Raven Woman. Aspects in Astrology in By Sue Tompkins. March, Joan McEvers. The Church of Light,light.

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