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The Sun takes approximately 30 days to travel through one sign. Sometimes it takes a little more, sometimes a little less. Most astrology columns will give the reader the information that the Sun is in the sign of Cancer from 22nd July until 21st August.

Virgo Libra Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

For those born on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of each month that is actually confusing. In any given year the Sun might move into Cancer on any of those days. Prince William is a good example. He was born on June 21st, at p.

The Sun's Cusp in Astrology

If you look at most Sun Sign columns this will make him a Gemini. But, in fact, in the Sun had already moved into the sign of Cancer during the early evening of the 21st and Prince William is very much a Cancer, just like his mother, Princess Diana. Now, remember, this might not be the case in any other year. Each year is different. Because the first few degrees of any sign are the most powerful.

People born during the first hours after the Sun changes signs are often very strong examples of their sign. I have the sun at the very end of Libra.

Another reason you may not identify with your sun sign—which is even more interesting! Mercury rules how we communicate, as well as how we process information. I would add that if you were born on a cusp, this becomes less likely.

"Cusp signs" are not real!

Lead photo courtesy of ameysarealm. Born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp? They are playful as a Leo and self-critical as a Virgo. Such people feel stress in controlling things in order to strike a perfect balance in everything. The cusp of zodiac signs , Virgo and Libra create a beautiful amalgamation of beauty and grace. People born under this cusp are very thoughtful and have a critical eye over everything around them. They are caring but feel difficulty in settling down with anyone less than they deserve. Such people are judgmental and have a desire for fairness and equality.

Sign & Planet Glyphs

Zodiac sign Libra and Scorpio cusp bring the quality of getting down to the situation with a skeptical mind. People under this cusp dates are forgiving as compared to Scorpio zodiac signs. They have the ability to look at the brighter side of events and have idealist nature. With the flair for drama, Libra and Scorpio cusp shows criticizing and manipulative attitude. Motivation and passion, this is what people born under Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac cusps have in abundance.

They have the courage to look forward even in the darkest hour of life.

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These intelligent people have great strength to fight for their rights and self-sufficient for their needs. With power, they exhibit empathy and logical approach towards life.

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Zodiac Cusp Signs

This cusp means success. People born under this cusp is extremely lucky and can win any game if they play it with passion. The cusp is a prophecy for its natives which gives them success in all their endeavors. The birth in zodiac cusp dates makes them ambitious with stability and energy. People with this zodiac cusp as birth dates have a quirky dressing sense.

The earth element of the Capricorn and the Air element of Aquarius create a complex contradiction in the person.

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  • Such people feel difficulty in choosing the way they want to proceed in life but can overcome any difficulty with their wisdom and communication skills. Life is never a dull lane for them. These people are more intuitive than Aquarian zodiac signs and may see more emotionally detached than Pisces zodiac signs. They are outgoing, active, strong and have a specific charisma in their personality. People born under these zodiac cusp dates are humanitarian and sensitive to the environment.

    Also, they have a huge potential for invention and shows interest in technology related matters.